24 Nov

SICAB 27 edition 2017

sicab 2017

iQuus at SICAB 2017

Last week the SICAB (International Horse Fair) edition, 27th, began, this event took place between the dates of November 14, 2017 and November 19, 2017, as the previous year, this year we were also in this great fair presenting our new articles.

New collections of iQuus 2017 articles

The most outstanding novelties that we have presented in SICAB have been the following:

Saddle iQuus Contact Pro.

Neoprene strap Peeper.

iQuus PVC pouch English saddle.

Fake reins cowgirl iQuus Extra.

Freestyle Foamly girth.

Cinch iQuus Pro Foamly.

Bridle of presentation iQuus extra without drowning.

Bridle presentation iQuus EXTRA with drowning.

IQuus X-Change Chair Bridge (For a thorough understanding of the X-Change system of the iQuus saddle chairs, please review this article carefully).

In addition, this year we have launched many new features, including the new design of the site, also our web catalog, in addition to the new labeling system iQuus.

iQuus at Sicab 2017

iQuus at Sicab 2017

Overall assessment of our visit to SICAB 2017

In this event there was a great series of shows very elaborated by equestrian professionals, that we were truly amazed.

The welcome among the followers of our brand was really incredible, as well as the presentation of our iQuus Contact-Pro saddle.

Our general assessment of the SICAB 2017 was really excellent because talking with riders and you have horse riding we saw that this year we have seen more attendees than this year compared to last year to this event.

We are really pleased that more and more people are interested in the horse world and we find more and more young riders and amazons showing great enthusiasm for the horse world.

If you still do not know us, we invite you to meet us, for those who have any questions about the quality of our iQuus articles or any of the exclusive brands that we import in the section we have developed for frequently asked questions (FAQ) and if can not find the answer or the question, get in touch with us.