30 May

Proper maintenance of an iQuus saddle

iQuus Saddles

A well-fitting saddle is essential for the comfort of your horse, well-being and overall health.

IQuus Vetta and Contact Pro saddles incorporate the revolutionary “V” belt system along with the interchangeable bridge system that offers maximum flexibility to achieve a perfect fit on your horse for maximum performance.

We recommend that you seek professional advice on the initial adjustments of your saddle and then be reassessed every six months throughout the life of your saddle to ensure that the saddle continues to fit properly as your horse changes shape in function Of the age and the level of work program to which it is submitted.

We recommend that all mounting adjustments and alterations made to iQuus saddles should be made in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To take full advantage of your iQuus saddle, we recommend that you maintain proper care, cleaning and skin care is crucial to maximizing the performance of your iQuus mount.

Skin is a natural product and its useful life depends on maintaining a certain level of moisture.

If your chair is cleaned often and follows a correct treatment of the skin can count on a saddle that will last many years to the maximum performance.

Proper maintenance of saddles iQuus

Leather is a natural product and as such marks, scars or color variations on the leather is not a defect and will add an individual and personalized character to your iQuus saddle.

Proper care is crucial to maximizing the performance of your mount iQuus as your life depends on maintaining a certain level of moisture in your skin.

Your chair should be cleaned regularly, using saddle glycerin soap and a damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt, which would otherwise scratch the surface.

Cleaning should always be followed with a rich dressing based on scratch. IQuus do not recommend the use of oil in your saddle.

Before riding in your new saddle, it is recommended that you freely view your iQuus saddle with a good skin balm and let it penetrate for an entire night. It is crucial to perform this process overnight to ensure maximum penetration of the balm into the leather to seal moisture and protect your saddle.

To replenish and rejuvenate moisture content in your saddle iQuus after mounting, we recommend the use of a leather cream.

The leather balm penetrates deeper into the skin and offers a surface barrier, protection against wear, water and sweat.

To correctly apply the leather or cream balm, we recommend to use great measure in the zones of greater wear.

You can also apply the dressing to all areas of your saddle including padded insoles and straps. Treated your saddle with the recommendations that we have detailed, will achieve a high durability in saddle iQuus.

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