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Allow us to introduce you to our brand, forged from the effort of entrepreneurs, who for seven years have been betting on creating the iQuus brand, the effort and the hard work done day by day, has made us today become what we are, a benchmark in The world of equitation and horse riding.

Day by day we try to satisfy the needs of the fans and professionals of the world of riding, together with a highly professional team whose philosophy is to give the best service at the best price and in the shortest possible time, with special attention to the products of High quality and special treatment to the after-sales service.

Our permanent contact with the amateurs and shops of the sector allows us to know and to incorporate to our range any type of article that the consumer demands.

IQuus is present, today in our web catalog and every day in its favorite store, in addition our main objective is to be closer to our clients and to participate actively in the main fairs and exhibitions of the sector, always with the aim of Listen, research and evolve each of its products.

Our key points


With more than 7 years of experience, iQuus deploys the knowledge learned during its exhaustive talks with experienced riders, who are developing their saddles based on the innovation and the demands of the most prestigious riders nationwide. The iQuus saddles link in perfect harmony comfort, design, flexibility and innovation to offer the rider maximum union with his horse.


iQuus is synonymous with quality, innovation and design. Being the good to do the main characteristic of the guarantee of an unbeatable service.


iQuus began exporting to Europe. First to Portugal, we are now in full expansion in the United Kingdom. At present, more than 60% of our articles go abroad and are exported to countries on five continents.

About our saddles

iQuus saddles are driven by a philosophy of innovation and quality referenced in saddle performance and comfort for rider or rider riding and horse.

When we talk about the saddle fit and comfort of your horse, iQuus saddles are your best solution. Our research and development team work day by day along with expert horsemen and riders to find the perfect fit between the horse and the person who rides it and are responsible for many of the features that the chair incorporates for the comfort of the horses in The present.

We work together with expert riders and elite riders to develop highly specialized frames in each of their chosen disciplines.

The success of our saddles lies in identifying the changing needs of horses and riders. We are thoroughly in our research, using all the means at our disposal in the evaluation of our products.

IQuus hires the services of physical experts, veterinarians and saddle mounts to assist in the evaluation of our saddles, ensuring full confidence in their proven benefits.

We are constantly developing new saddles to take care of your horse’s welfare.

Our success is due to you and your horse for participating in innovation and releasing your potential in an iQuus chair.

All iQuus saddles are made with the best known European leather. You can be sure that the leather that incorporates the iQuus saddles is the best in the world and, if taken care of properly, will offer you a high durability.

Care and proper maintenance is crucial to maximizing the performance of your iQuus mount. Please check the page on how to care for a chair iQuus for more detailed information on how to care for your iQuus saddle.