In iQuus we want to solve a space for your most frequent doubts that you have when choosing an article or another. You will also find information on the guarantee of our articles. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us and see the resolution immediately.

Frequent questions

What do I do if my iQuus, Peeper or Haukeschmidt article has a bug?

If you are concerned that the items you have purchased are defective in any way, please return the item you purchased from the dealer you sold it to, so that they can evaluate the condition of the items. In the event that mediation by iQuus is required, the warranty card will be required along with the original purchase receipt. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the owner.

What is the warranty for my new iQuus saddle?

iQuus guarantees iQuus range of saddles for a period of five years against defects in material or workmanship.

The guarantee of an iQuus saddle is subject to use under normal conditions. The warranty card must be retained by the buyer, along with the original receipt, as well as, the retailer will require that the warranty work be required.

Saddles that require a warranty repair should ideally be returned to the store from which they were purchased.

Transportation costs are the responsibility of the owner. All mounting adjustments, alterations or modifications of the chair must be made in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Are custom saddles made?

No, unfortunately, we are not able to make custom saddles or unique modifications at the point of manufacture.

If you feel that our range would benefit from any additions, we would greatly appreciate your feedback as we continue to monitor the demand for individual requests regarding future development.

Click here to send us your comments and suggestions.

How do I find the local iQuus, Peeper or Haukeschmidt distributor?

To find your iQuus, Haukeschmidt or Peeper distributor click here.

Where can I find more information about iQuus saddles and accessories, Peeper and Haukeschmidt gloves?

If you have any questions regarding iQuus saddles and accessories, Peeper or even the gloves we import from the Haukeschmidt brand.

You can visit our web catalog by clicking here and you can see a more detailed description about the item you want to buy in your usual horse riding shop and even the recommended RRP of that article.

How can I be an official distributor iQuus?

If you want to be an official iQuus distributor you can click here and take you to the section for new distributors that we have enabled on our website.

Choose your option, fill in the corresponding contact forms and one of our agents will get in touch with you.

How do I know which bridge my saddle has?

The iQuus Vetta and iQuus Contact Pro saddles incorporate a system of interchangeable bridges for a greater adjustment of the chair with the horse. These saddles are equipped with a BLACK bridge (30cm) from the factory.


If your bridge has been changed after purchasing the colors are related to the following measures: Blue (28cm) Black (30cm) Green (32cm) Yellow (34cm).


For the purchase of the iQuus Contact Pro saddle, the interchangeable bridge system with the four bridges mentioned above, compatible with the iQuus Contact Pro saddle and the iQuus Vetta Saddle.