Environmental Report


iQuus is firmly committed to the environment, we struggle every day to leave a cleaner and more efficient world. Discover below the improvements we have made to make this world more sustainable.


During the manufacturing process of the iQuus and Peeper equestrian articles no toxic products are used in the treatment of skins.

The cartons for the cartons, containers and labels of the articles iQuus come from reclaimed carton.

We optimize the design of our boxes and containers. To avoid the indiscriminate use of the resources of the planet we optimize the design of boxes and containers of articles iQuus and Peeper.

The budgets, delivery notes and invoices that we issue we carry out through email to avoid the indiscriminate use of the paper.

We develop articles that use solar energy in the charging mode of the batteries to avoid the use of polluting energy and have a cleaner world.

Every day we work to make a more sustainable world. In our offices we are developing new ideas and projects to be more committed to the environment.

Let's get a more sustainable world

Among all we can improve our planet. For this reason, we have prepared a short list of very daily recommendations so that we can build a better world, if you want to contribute more to the environment, we recommend that you visit the EOI website (School of Industrial Organization) .

Recommendations for a more sustainable planet.

Reuse everything

you can reuse paper Print, for example, on paper already used on one side.

In particular avoid plastic bags and wrappings, aluminum foil and paper cups.

Use environmentally friendly technologies

Apply safety standards at work and at home. Opt for renewable energy in the home, automotive, etc.

Use solar powered devices: radios, mobile chargers, laptops. Use efficient appliances, low consumption and low pollution (A ++)