24 Nov

SICAB 27 edition 2017

sicab 2017

iQuus at SICAB 2017

Last week the SICAB (International Horse Fair) edition, 27th, began, this event took place between the dates of November 14, 2017 and November 19, 2017, as the previous year, this year we were also in this great fair presenting our new articles.

New collections of iQuus 2017 articles

The most outstanding novelties that we have presented in SICAB have been the following:

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31 May

SICAB 2016


1st Official iQuus Event

After years of continuous sacrifice, development and growth, we have gained a small reward from the effort made.

In 2016 we have been able to reach one of our many objectives, full of hope and illusion, we have put our STAND for the first time in one of the most important fairs in Spain.


In SICAB we feel very welcomed and clothed by all lovers of this sport.

Our assessment of the attendance was very positive because we met very interesting people and exchanged impressions on horse riding with several experts from the world of the horse and we want to return the experience and attend more events of this caliber.

A little history about the SICAB

The International Horse Show (SICAB) is the most important horse show in Spain in the world.

It has been held in Seville since 1991 uninterruptedly, which makes it a reference for the equestrian sector at national and international level, bringing together breeders and breeders from more than 60 countries.

More than 1000 copies of Pure Spanish Breed are registered from more than 300 national and international livestock farms.

During its celebration they exceed 200,000 visitors. Sicab is becoming the third most important event in the city behind Easter Week and the April Fair.